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The club runs trips to JB Waterski, next to Thorpe Park, every wednesday afternoon.

We generally all ride for 2 hours on the cable, some people also book 15 minute boat sets (this isn't included in the price for cable).

Then we head on back to the union for a nights drinking... :-P

At the moment, riding is looking to be about �10 all in (transport,cable pass, hire), which is pretty decent considering it costs �22 for 2 hours on the cable without hire if you go alone, not even considering transport!

Believe it or not it is still pretty warm and the lake is not much colder than outside!

You can hire all equipment there, including wetsuits, boyancy aids, wakeboards, waterskis, monoskis and kneeboards. (all free of charge included in price)

Everyone is welcome to come along, from complete beginner to pro. We have a wide range of abilities in the club and if you are just beginning, we are more than happy to give you help on how to start etc... Chances are there will be a few others starting at the same time. We usually have beginners come along every week.

If you want to find out more, then just come on down to the union at 12 on a wednesday. Alternatively, you can email us.

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