What is Wakeboarding?
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What is Wakeboarding?
Wakeboarding is essentially like snowboarding on water. To be able to stay bouyant, you are pulled along at between 18 and 23 miles per hour behind a boat or cable.

Wakeboards look like an inverted snowboard. Instead of the board having a convex shape to it like a snowboard, it has a concave shape to it. And instead of being shaped in a bridge like curve, a wakeboard is curved upwards like a rocking horse!

snowboard [snowboard design] laceup bindings [wakeboard design]

Wakeboards are a lot smaller than snowboards. Whereas I ride a 164cm snowboard, I only ride a 140cm wakeboard

You are attached to a board by putting your feet in the bindings. These come in a lot of different styles such as suction (where you just slide your foot in with a little lubrication!), and lace ups (which do up like a shoelace).

suction bindings [suction binding] laceup bindings [laceup binding]

Wakeboarding is a lot of fun, and you can never stop learning. Once you have mastered getting up and riding around, then comes the real fun!

Behind a boat wakeboarders can use the boats wake (wave formed by the hull of the boat going through the water) to jump over and do aerial tricks.

Backroll[backroll] Off axis 360 [off axis 360]

On the cable, you can do tricks by loading and releasing the line. Once this technique has been mastered, you can jump metres into the air just off the flat water. You can also go over the sliders and hit the kickers (ramps)

Raley [Raley] Cable Pass [Cable Pass]