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Welcome to the new Imperial College London Wakeboard and Waterski Website!

Check here for upcoming events and news

07 November 2008 -- Website Information
This is the old website for Imperial College Wakeboard and Waterski Club. I have no idea what the new one is as am no longer at the university. If someone wishes to contact me about this, please feel free to contact me at my personal blog or via the contact form on the website of my company, Dynamic50 Web Design and Development.
This website will remain up with all the photos for the foreseeable future and stands as a reminder of the beginnings of the wakeboard and waterski club!

07 November 2006 -- November Tour
17-19th November
Tickets on sale online, 14 places still available.
Includes a day riding wake mk cable (Milton Keynes). Wake MK has the largest cable in the country and boasts the biggest slider park.
Also in included are three 20 min boat tows at Grendon lake, informal coaching from pros, travel and accomodation. Tickets cost 68 pounds, and are available here.
Please contact Jen Isherwood on 07815134411 for more information!

07 November 2006 -- Easter Holidays Tour
News to follow. We are running an Easter Holiday trip to Cab Wake in the Domincan Republic, Caribbean.
A week long trip including Wakeboarding, Kite Surfing, Surfing and more. Check out Cabwake.

07 November 2006 -- Winter Riding!
The website is due for a revamp pretty soon. I have put up the photos of the beach party (about time I hear you all say!)
Check us out on facebook: If it's not wet, we won't ride it...
See you at the lakes...

10 March 2006 -- AGM etc
It's that time of the year again... If you are interested in running for any of the positions (President, Treasurer, Secretary and Web Geek) then come along at 6pm in the Union bar.
Even if you are not interested in running, come along and cast your vote!
In other news, last week was apparently really warm. The summer is coming! So it's a great time to start boarding!

23 Febuary 2006 -- Website updated
I have added and updated the photo albums so check them out!
It works best in internet explorer, and needs flash player to view.

14 October 2005 -- Apres Beach Party
The Beach party was a huge sucess! Over 60 people came down to the lakes either to try for the first time or see what JB's had to offer! Pictures soon to be posted so watch this space!
If you made it down, we look forward to seeing you again and are running trips from this coming wednesday (see email)
If not, do not fear! signup to the mailing list today and come and have a go!

11 October 2005 -- Beach Party tickets still available!
There are still tickets for the beach party available! The beach party is a great chance to try out wakeboarding and to get to know us. �12 all inclusive gets you free trip to and from lakes, free BBQ, free wetsuits/boards etc and free boarding all afternoon!
It takes place tommorow, so if you still want to come call Katy on 0777xxxxxxx now!!

10 October 2005 -- Welcome Freshers!
Welcome to the Imperial Wakeboard (and Waterski) society. This will be almost our 4th year running as a club at Imperial. In case you haven't already tried it, wakeboarding is a brilliant way to distance yourself from the geekiness of Imperial and meet some wicked new people.
The wakeboard society is a great way to let your hair down on a wednesday afternoon, followed by an evening of drinking and partying at the union (if that tickles your fancy!).
Come along whatever your level, we have complete beginners coming along every week (although no pros as of yet!) Hope to see you soon!
Hi, This is the website for Imperial College Wakeboard and Waterski Club, based in South Kensington, London. We wakeboard at JB ski weekly, and sometimes run trips further afield.
If you are from another university, you are welcome to join the club. Just contact us.
There are a couple of other universities that run trips down to JB waterski every week, including Portsmouth University, Southampton Institute and Royal Holloway, London