General sites
--Wakeworld.com-- US site, complete kit reviews, with feedback on new kit from riders
--Eurowake.com-- Info on European events, pics of riders, spots to ride
--Wakeboard UK-- Places to ride, tour info etc...
--Wakeskate.com-- US site for wakeskating
Board/Binding Manufacturers
--Hyperlite-- Manufacturers of Parks bindings, "The Gate" wakeskate...
--Liquid Force-- Specialists in suction bindings, fast and light boards...
--CWB-- Inventors of the "capped fin" system...
--O'Brien-- Good cheap bindings that replicate some of the more expensive models...
Online Shops (UK)
--Wakeboard Island-- Shop at JB Waterski, London
--Wakeskate Shop-- Wide range of wakeskates with free shipping
--Wakeboard DVD's-- Pretty much any dvd available under the sun. Imperial students are offered a 10% discount on any order, just notify wakedvd you are from Imperial to qualify!
Wakeboarding Schools
--Launch Wakeboarding-- Wakeboard/Wakeskate instruction in California
University Wakeboard Societies
--Plymouth University-- Wakeboard/Waterski club with boat

If you want to add any photos to the collection, please them to me!

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