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06/03/2004: AGM followed by Free Beer night at the union. Thursday 18th March. Come along and meet us! 3 members, 5 non-members
06/03/2004: Wakeboard student nationals 2004 in the pipeline. Check out www.wakechat.com for more info.
21/02/2004: It's starting to get warmer! Just got hold of a waterproof video camera for some doubled up footage on the cable! Look out for the first couple of vids coming soon!
02/02/2004: Welcome back! Hope everyone had a great christmas. AS of last week, we started running trips again. Unfortunately the weather is still a bit dubious, although it is getting warmer every day! We now have a new mailing list set up, so sign up if you want to get on it!
14/12/2003: !!!!Christmas Party!!!!. Buffet, drink, and loads of gear to be won! Click here for more info.
17/11/2003: Winter is fast approaching, and the water is getting really really cold! But, we are still running trips until further notice, so get yourself signed up. Although if you are not very competent (ie are going to be doing a lot of swimming) it is probably best to wait until the warmer months!
16/10/2003: The Beach Party was a great sucess. If you have signed up and haven't given us your union card number, we need it before monday! Either email it to us, or come and give it to us in Southside on monday.
08/10/2003: Freshers fair has come and gone! Over 300 people signed up to the mailing list. Check out the Beach Party website.
19/09/2003: Freshers Fair unconfirmed date 7/10 (First day back is 6/10). Check out the union events calendar for updates.
18/08/2003: The Forum is up... Check it out!
05/08/2003: We will be at Freshers Fair this coming September.
04/08/2003: Please any photos/video to put on the site
02/08/2003: New website finished!

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