FRESHER EVENT – The Beach Party – 10 Oct 12:00PM

The Beach Party. It’s the first event of the year and it’s guaranteed to be a big one. Selling out for the past two years, we take a coach of eager freshers to a local cable where they get to try wakeboarding for cheaper than anyone would dream possible!

Wakeboard beginers instruction at the IC Wake freshers event 2011-2012

Tuition is provided for every level

Here’s what we offer:

  • Transport to and from the venue.
  • An afternoon of wakeboarding.
  • Free tuition by cable instructors.
  • Free rental of all gear.
  • Food and drink afterwards.
  • Party with Reading University (they have a ludicrously good ratio).

All of this is yours for just £15!
To get your ticket, check out this page.

Wakeboard beginers instruction at the IC Wake freshers event 2011-2012

All equipment and tuition provided

There really isn’t an easier way to try wakeboarding. Simply meet at the Union at 12:00pm sharp with a towel and some beer money, jump on the bus and we’ll take care of you from there. You’ll be back at the union for around 10:00pm.

The beach party really is a great way to introduce yourself to WAKEimperial and see if the club is for you. It’ll be busy compared to normal which means if you know you’re going to end up at WAKEimperial, you may want to sit this one out. However, for those of you who are unsure, come down and get hooked!

Below are some of the pictures of the beginners from Beach Party ’11.

THIS YEAR – what’s new for 2012/2013

Get ready for a long post boys and girls. This will explain everything you need to know about the upcoming year.


This year, membership will cost £30. Buy it here. This entitles you to the following:

  • Discounted riding as detailed here.
  • Access to all of our events.
  • Access to our regular Wednesday sessions.

Most importantly, if you buy before the Beach Party, you can choose from one of the following:

  • A free ticket to and two free drinks at the Beach Party.
  • A free regular Wednesday session, including transport.

Note that the regular Wednesday session will have to be taken between 1st October ’12 and 30th April ’13. Once you’ve bought membership, make your choice by using the contact form to let use know which option you’d prefer.

Finally, this year, every member of WAKEimperial will get a membership card as proof of your membership. This is a requirement of the local cable and will be needed on our Wednesday sessions.

Regular Sessions

Our Wednesday sessions will run similarly to previous years but there have been some changes in the way the minibuses operate. Minibuses now must be cancelled four days in advance if the club is to incur no penalty.

This means that we will keep track of ticket sales and if we have insufficient numbers at midday Saturday, we’ll have to cancel the minibus for the upcoming Wednesday. You’ll be refunded fully of course for the minibus transport cost.


Arguably the biggest news of this year, we’re changing cable. We’re returning to Liquid Leisure!

For those of you who don’t know, Liquid is a super social cable. Modern facilities, including changing rooms, a hot room and a sauna make life of the water too easy. The cable itself has great instructors, plenty of obstacles and good opportunities for flat water tricks that will encourage you to push your riding to the next level regardless of where you are at currently.

For details on the affiliation, check this out.


We’ve already got a heavy first term lined up but have plenty of events in store for the rest of the year as well. In the first term, watch out for:

  • The Beach Party
  • The Halloween Special
  • A Weekend in Sheffield

For some idea of what to expect throughout the rest of the year, check out our events page.

That’s all from us

Make sure you keep up-to-date with everything at WAKEimperial by joining us on facebook.

See you on the water.

ETHEREAL (video)

As close as a video can get, to convey the feeling of an awesome session.

IC Wake board club rider Tim doing a half-Cab

June 27 `12  was a hot and sunny day. It was also the day where the Emirates Air Line cable car service opened, and to celebrate this, Wake Up Docklands, a system-2 wake park (on the Royal Victoria Dock — right at the foot of the cable car) decided to organise an all-day ride-as-much-as-you want event for £15. That was enough to divert Imperial College student wakeboarders from their studies…
At the end of the day, pretty much every wakeboarder was exhausted, maybe apart from IC Wake riders Tim and Ant, which kept shredding their wakeboards on the obstacles until they got kicked out. The fact that Wake up Docklands is a system 2 meant you could safely have another rider in the water getting some close-up action with a go-pro, and someone on the side of the dock filming the wakeboarder with a standard camera.

The orange glow of the setting sun, close-ups, a few technical tricks, feel-good shots and an epic bail on Tim’s S-Bend attempt prompted for a “feel-good” wake video edit full of slow-mows on a lazy tune … Enjoy !

EHEREAL – WAKEimperial’s latest short clip


WakeImperial used to be a bit of a laid back recreational club, sometimes taking part in Wakeboarding competitions, but not too seriously… This year, a few Imperial College students decided to measure themselves against the other Unis, at the UNIWAKE Nationals in June `12.
So Danielle, Tim and Ant (later joined by Jake) set off to Sheffield for a few days, to train and compete … and party!

The podium for the "most daring drunks" Category

Despite a few falls at the beginning of her runs, Danielle gave all she had and finished 3rd in Women’s intermediate division. Tim wasn’t too excited when he heard the judges had changed the categories, which got him bumped up from the men’s intermediate to the men’s advanced. His qualification run the day before the competition placed him towards the bottom of the 10-men list. With nothing left to loose, Tim went on to be the crowd’s favourite by throwing crazy tricks out of nowhere  – bigger, more daring and relentlessly – like, opening his first run with a tantrum off the “dragon obstracle”, a trick he had practiced only once and crashed on. The judges rewarded his daring attitude by pushing him in the four men’s final – a great WakeImperial Glory moment. Ant did pretty much the opposite: by trying a bit too hard not to fall, his tricks weren’t as high … and once again, no mustard was cut. However, he put an outstanding effort in the kneeboard battle, skillfully getting dudes twice his bodyweight off a kneeboard, and managing to ride through the corners at some arm-ripping speeds !

Unfortunately the Imperial College Wake crew had to depart before the big afterparty – Tim did however manage to get involved in the boatrace !

WAKEimperial’s video

Mark’s (Supersaturated) video (The official one)

INSIDE OUT (video)


Some of the riders features in this video

INSIDE OUT is a short video of a typical WAKEimperial session, on a weekday evening. We drive a minibus from the Imperial College Union – Beit Quad – to our local wakeboarding venue: JBSki. This video was shot in May 2012 with a good mix of old-time and newbie members. As you can see, we don’t just pull out big tricks all the time, we also spend a fair bit of time falling our boards, “progressing is falling” or so they say …

We had the idea of shooting the same trick from the bank of the lake and from a helmet cam, to combine it all. So you can be a spectator and the hero … all at the same time !

This video is dedicated to the old wake members for their dedication to this club, and for all the newbie wakeboarders which keep the club alive.
Shred on !