A very short clip full of slow-mos — About as close as a video gets to represent the feel-good factor of a nice summer session !

WAKEimperial rider Antoine doing a Backside boardslide

A short film showing WAKEimperial’s trip to the south of France in the summer of ’11.


Along with the awesome time-lapse of the drive to JBSki – our wakeboarding venue – this video combines different views of the same trick.
Don’t just watch it, live it. See what a standard weekday session with WAKEimperial is like.

Super short but action-packed movie shot during a late February 2013 session under a bright winter sun.


Kneeboard, slacklining, frizbee, partying … and some sick WAKEBOARDING by our team’s top riders at the biggest comp’ of the year !

A quick and dirty edit from a chilly session at the end of November `12 where a handful of brave IC Wake club student members decided to brave the cold.


See a wake session through the eyes of WAKEimperial riders Tim and Ant.
This video is dedicated to Danielle “Nutter” Barnes who’s had a bad encounter with the yellow slider featured in this video. Oh, and the editor apologises for the choice of soundtrack.

The Point Of View of a rider hitting a slider