How Do I Join?

There are a few ways to get involved with the club. Have a look below for your various options.

Meet us at the Fresher’s fair

The WAKEImperial stand at IC Union fresher's fairCome and say hello at the WAKEImperial stand at the Fresher’s Fair. We’ll answer all of your questions, and you’ll get to register your interest and receive updates on your email.
The Fresher’s fair will be held is generally held in the beginning of October every year. Check out the Union’s official calendar of events

The Fresher’s Party

Wakeboarding club Fresher's party Imperial CollegeThis is the ideal event for you, regardless of whether you’ve wakeboarded before or not. Early in the first term, we’ll coach down to a local cable and ride for the afternoon. There will be a bunch of people on hand to help you whether you’re trying to get up on the water … or land those raleys.

A day on the water is usually followed by some form of social which is a great chance to meet people from the club and see how we do things.

This event essentially takes the format of our weekly trips, so it’s a great way to see what the club is about.

Taster Sessions

Wakeboarding club Fresher's party Imperial CollegeFor those who didn’t go to the Fresher’s party, we offer a discounted taster session. Simply get in contact with us, and we’ll arrange for you to come with us on one of our weekly trips.
You’ll get a cheap first-time session, but we cannot guarantee there’ll be as much of a party as during the Fresher’s Party !

Into It?

IC Wake society membership purchase

Buy the WAKEimperial membership

If you’re into it, you can buy membership and take advantage of our affiliation deal. The total cost of membership is £25 and covers affiliation with a local cable and the union costs. The membership is split into the club membership and cable membership – both of which need to have been bought before your second session with us. If you’re not a big fan of cable wakeboarding but prefer boat riding or just want to come a long to our socials just buy the £10 club membership.

WAKEimperial membership can only be purchased on the Imperial College Union’s on-line shop.
You will have to log in with you regular IC username and password (just so that we know who you actually are !) and have a payment card handy. Follow this link to purchase ICU Wakeboarding society membership

Not a member of Imperial College ? Don’t have a payment card ? Having issues ? Send us a message

Mailing List

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