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Wakeboarding with IC Wake society

Wakeboarding on a cableski

WAKEimperial is Imperial College’s Wakeboarding Society (or club) since 2002.
We provide a few things:

  • Firstly, a great atmosphere in which you can learn and develop your wakeboarding
  • Secondly, a group of like-minded people to do it with
  • And third, we offer Imperial College students a cheap way to experience and pursue wakeboarding via affiliation with a local cable.

What is Wakeboarding?

Photo of a wakeboard, with board and binding

This is what a wakeboard looks like (Click to enlarge)

Wakeboard is to waterski what snowboard is to ski.

The rider is attached to a wakeboard and is pulled along the surface of the water (generally by a boat or cable).

The rider is then free to do tricks, be it on the flat water or on obstacles around the course.


Check out these pages for more info on the club:

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Buy Membership to Imperial College's Wakeboarding club here

Purchase Wakeboarding club membership

WAKEimperial membership can only be purchased on the Imperial College Union’s online shop.
You will have to log in with you regular IC username and password (just so that we know who you actually are !) and have a payment card handy. Follow this link to purchase ICU Wakeboarding society membership

Not a member of Imperial College Union? Don’t have a payment card ? Having issues ? Send us a message