WakeImperial used to be a bit of a laid back recreational club, sometimes taking part in Wakeboarding competitions, but not too seriously… This year, a few Imperial College students decided to measure themselves against the other Unis, at the UNIWAKE Nationals in June `12.
So Danielle, Tim and Ant (later joined by Jake) set off to Sheffield for a few days, to train and compete … and party!

The podium for the "most daring drunks" Category

Despite a few falls at the beginning of her runs, Danielle gave all she had and finished 3rd in Women’s intermediate division. Tim wasn’t too excited when he heard the judges had changed the categories, which got him bumped up from the men’s intermediate to the men’s advanced. His qualification run the day before the competition placed him towards the bottom of the 10-men list. With nothing left to loose, Tim went on to be the crowd’s favourite by throwing crazy tricks out of nowhere – bigger, more daring and relentlessly – like, opening his first run with a tantrum off the “dragon obstracle”, a trick he had practiced only once and crashed on. The judges rewarded his daring attitude by pushing him in the four men’s final – a great WakeImperial Glory moment. Ant did pretty much the opposite: by trying a bit too hard not to fall, his tricks weren’t as high … and once again, no mustard was cut. However, he put an outstanding effort in the kneeboard battle, skillfully getting dudes twice his bodyweight off a kneeboard, and managing to ride through the corners at some arm-ripping speeds !

Unfortunately the Imperial College Wake crew had to depart before the big afterparty – Tim did however manage to get involved in the boatrace !

WAKEimperial’s video

Mark’s (Supersaturated) video (The official one)