Some of the riders features in this video

INSIDE OUT is a short video of a typical WAKEimperial session, on a weekday evening. We drive a minibus from the Imperial College Union – Beit Quad – to our local wakeboarding venue: JBSki. This video was shot in May 2012 with a good mix of old-time and newbie members. As you can see, we don’t just pull out big tricks all the time, we also spend a fair bit of time falling our boards, “progressing is falling” or so they say …

We had the idea of shooting the same trick from the bank of the lake and from a helmet cam, to combine it all. So you can be a spectator and the hero … all at the same time !

This video is dedicated to the old wake members for their dedication to this club, and for all the newbie wakeboarders which keep the club alive.
Shred on !