Will demonstrating the strength of his knees

Jake brought his GoPro camera on a chilly winter day, at the end of November 2013. Out of the handful wake riders present, e few WAKEimperial riders were even crazy brave enough to straddle a kneeboard, freeze their feet in the cold water and brave the danger of collision with a fellow rider … just to get some close-up wakeboarding shots on the obstacles and rails. In this new video, Jake demonstrates his new talents with spins and nosepress, Danielle, her die-hard perseverance, and Will his mastery of very, very, very high airs. There’s also a few priceless random shot of the classic shenanigans that goes on on a typical IC Wake club students session … Plus some cameos of some 2012/13 newbies, and even credits for a rider which didn’t come to the session!
Because it was a bit dumb to go riding in such weather, we thought we had to make this a silly video. Next time, promised, we’ll try to do something a bit more respectable. Enjoy.

In this video, Jake does his first Nosepress tart

In this video, Jake does his first Nosepress tart

Note: I saw the typo on the caption for the image above, thought it was funny so I didn’t fix it :-p

Note: Those who are easily offended by butts may find this video a bit disturbing

WAKEimperial’s “BABY’S GOT WAKE”