ETHEREAL (video)

As close as a video can get, to convey the feeling of an awesome session.

IC Wake board club rider Tim doing a half-Cab

June 27 `12  was a hot and sunny day. It was also the day where the Emirates Air Line cable car service opened, and to celebrate this, Wake Up Docklands, a system-2 wake park (on the Royal Victoria Dock — right at the foot of the cable car) decided to organise an all-day ride-as-much-as-you want event for £15. That was enough to divert Imperial College student wakeboarders from their studies…
At the end of the day, pretty much every wakeboarder was exhausted, maybe apart from IC Wake riders Tim and Ant, which kept shredding their wakeboards on the obstacles until they got kicked out. The fact that Wake up Docklands is a system 2 meant you could safely have another rider in the water getting some close-up action with a go-pro, and someone on the side of the dock filming the wakeboarder with a standard camera.

The orange glow of the setting sun, close-ups, a few technical tricks, feel-good shots and an epic bail on Tim’s S-Bend attempt prompted for a “feel-good” wake video edit full of slow-mows on a lazy tune … Enjoy !

EHEREAL – WAKEimperial’s latest short clip