The elite delegation of WAKEimperial – composed of Ant, Jake, Gary and Tim (not sorted by degree of elite-ness) – went out on a reconnaissance mission to Sheffield, where the BUCS (student nationals) is generally held.
Sleeping in tents was not the most comfortable experience, but we werwe lucky with the weather. Eventually, we took up the local’s advice: “You’re in the North now Pretty Boy, so grow balls” (with a Northern accent)!
Overall, it was an awesome weekend, with lots of riding and hardly any queue !

Featuring Tim's first transfers


  • Not-so-good for beginners. If you fall at the first corner, you’re in for a loooong walk. It’s also a 4-pylon cableski.
  • Pretty awesome and unique obstacles. Well worth the visit. Also good for raleys !
  • The area close to the start is well sheltered from the wind. So the best place to try tricks is also the closest from the start !
  • You can camp there for cheap. In fact, the whole trip there was really cheap.
  • The locals are awesome and friendly, especially the owner. I think we’ve also got a stock of classic quotes that you may hear every now and then, (with the appropriate accent), e.g. “Havin’ a party ?