Rodolphe and Rob both nearly landed tantrums during this session, too.

A couple of years ago, Ant brought his camera and told people “if you want me to take special pictures, let me know“. Of course, he meant “specific” instead of “special” but it was too late: his mis-use of the English language got him a few good laughs and, being French, a  reputation of being salacious that would stick for years to come.

Well, on the 24th of October 2012, the WAKEimperial team got together to shoot what really qualified as a “Special Picture”. The idea had been around the club for a little while ago (possibly sparked after Ant bragging about his antics at the staff party at one of the wake club he used to work at), but it had always been dismissed. This year, after a few drinks, the idea was thrown out again and this time, excitement was visible. Plans were immediately made … it was already too late to chicken out. The buzz was there, there was even visible excitement and expectation on the club’s Facebook page a few days before the session.


A few new members also did their first lap on that day

So after a few trial shots the camera was set up, a volunteer was found to press the shutter at the right time, the brave IC wakeboarders proceeded to take off their kit — observed by some amused bystanders — and got ready for the shot. Ant modestly kept a towel wrapped around him, but once he had hit the water — there was no hiding. A couple of laps, two Raileys, and the special shot was taken. The Imperial College Wakeboarding Club ‘s history was written.
It is also worth mentioning that the operators purposefully stopped the cable, thus forcing Ant to do a 25m swim in the rather cold water, in the nude. Thanks boys !

Anyway, it was a good laugh, nice to see everyone showing a bit of bravery. There was also some solid progress shown by our new members for this third session of the year. As usual, the £4.5 Burger+Drink, the 2-4-1 drink deal, the Sauna and Jacuzzi nicely concluded this epic session !

Video: TOO MANY P.O.V.s

The Point Of View of a rider hitting a sliderShare 3 minutes of the life of Ant and Tim –WAKE Imperial riders. See the wonderful world of Wakeboarding through their eyes…

This video is dedicated to the president of the Imperial College Wakeboarding Society, Danielle “Nuttyer-than-the-Nutter” Barnes, in hope that she will recover soon from her rather violent encounter with the yellow slider featured in this video

The editor also wishes to apologise for the poor choice of soundtrack and rubbish quality of this edit which was done in a rush before heading into uni!


The Session

JBski by night

Last year, at that time, the lakes were already frozen. Wakeboard binding boot laces were frozen stiff, and the obstacles were icy. So in comparison, this year was a lot better. A die-hard team of WakeImperial wakeboarders decided to do join in on this last session of the year, and did’n even try to stay dry. Ant decided to stay dry and take pictures instead… For your enjoyment !


Danielle on an Rooftop

Our President shreddin' the RoofTop

Once again our Nutter president decided to show how stubborn persevering she was and did not stop hitting that rooftop until she came clean off from it. Her wake even got it’s first scratch. Gary also threw some solid railey attempts, getting very close to landing. Jan and Tim further experimented with backrolls / switch backrolls, but also without success. A Slap bet was lot by by Jake who was promptly sentenced to slapping by Tim. Shame, he also seemed to get a few good crashes, one of which consisted in burying the heelside edge of his wake in the water and getting a formidable whiplash.



WAKEimperial decided to have its wakeboard – themed Halloween party on Wednesday, the 2nd of November 2011 session. So the Imperial College wake society riders had to bring a costume … or be shamed! There were some “repeats” of last year’s costumes, but also some new, original stuff.

However most of us discovered that costumes get quickly annoying during a wake session. Stuff falls off when you crash, soaks up water, and face masks kinda reduce peripheral vision… Anyway, check out the pics taken by Jan and Elena.


WAKEimperial BEACH PARTY – WED 12 OCT ’11

Beach party logo

Click here to purchase a BEACH PARTY ticket !

  • Never Wakeboarded Before, but always wanted to try ?
  • Want to try without having to purchase club membership ?
  • Wouldn’t mind a bit of socialising after trying wakeboarding ? Why not spending some time in the sauna ?
  • All of that for £15 ?

Then the WAKEimperial’s beach party is for you !
Purchase your ticket online now on the ICUnion’s e-shop

***UPDATE – TUE13 11:00 ***

We have taken plenty of pictures of the 2011 Freshers Beach Party event, and they should be uploaded on Monday 17th October !

***UPDATE – MON 10 16:00 ***

This event is SOLD OUT. But don’t worry if you missed out. Contact us and we’ll organise a cheap session for you on any wednesday.

***UPDATE – MON 10 10:00AM ***

We’ve had to do some some last -minute changes because the club we were going to run the event is closed because of a Bird-survey (no jokes). We are going to run Wednesday 12th Beach Party at different venue (Box End park) .
Danielle, our president, already has and will send regular emails to the Mailing-List to keep you informed. If you haven’t received any of Danielle’s email from the mailing list, then register to the mailing list now !



What’s involved

Drinks are included


The IC Wake Society is organising an afternoon of wakeboarding for all levels, and with all gear included. But that’s not all: when you’re done, head out to the clubhouse (or the sauna) and relax: food & drinks are included.

Buy a ticket for just £15: no catch: everything is inclued – you won’t have to spend an extra penny (unless you are very thirsty). Buy a ticket online on the ICUnion’s e-shop.

Ticket sales will open soon. Check this space. With only 45 tickets, the event will sell out. Last’s years beach party was a sellout event !

When and Where

Liquid Leisure Wake session @ Imperial College

The best day to discover Wakeboarding

  • The beach Party is on Wednesday the 12th of October 2011
  • Meet us at mid-day 12:00 in Beit Quad, South Kensington Campus.
  • To find us, look for a bunch of people with carrying large wakeboards around ! We’ll make ourselves visible !
  • The WAKEimperial beach party will be held at Liquid Leisure Cable Wake park. [Google maps]


Tim Thio trying the kicker on a wakeskate

No: he didn't hurt himself: remember, it's only water !

  • For all levels – especially first timers : coaching is provided
  • All gear included: even the wetsuit ! just bring a towel and a swimsuit
  • Afterparty with food & drinks included
  • Transport is included: we pick you up and drop you at the IC South-Kensington Campus
  • We will return between 8 and 9PM
  • Bring a towel and some form of swimsuit, boarshorts: something to wear under your wetsuit.

How Much & Where to buy

Imperial College Wakeboard Society party

There'll be a bit of socialising after the session!

  • The tickets are £15 and include: equipment rental (wakeboard, helmet, wetsuit, life vest), use of the cableski until dark, ticket to the afterparty, two drinks and food.
  • The ticketsare available from the union shop.  You will need to log in with your regular Imperial College Student account – so we know who you are.
    Purchase a ticket.
  • Only 45 tickets available. Last year’s event sold out.