DROP (video)

DROPDROP is deceptively short, with an abrupt end (you’ll be warned) but it’ll leave you wanting more. It’s packed with some big Wakeboarding action, and a few nice arty shots – courtesy of the sun which decided to poke out of the clouds on a cold day of February 2013.
Featuring some close-up Fronts from WAKEimperial rider Ant, some Fives and Half-Cabs from wakeboarding member Jan … and some action from the rest of the Imperial College London student wake club crew as well !
A big thanks to Jake for all the shooting and gear, and those who got involved.

Watch DROP – WAKEimperial



Will demonstrating the strength of his knees

Jake brought his GoPro camera on a chilly winter day, at the end of November 2013. Out of the handful wake riders present, e few WAKEimperial riders were even crazy brave enough to straddle a kneeboard, freeze their feet in the cold water and brave the danger of collision with a fellow rider … just to get some close-up wakeboarding shots on the obstacles and rails. In this new video, Jake demonstrates his new talents with spins and nosepress, Danielle, her die-hard perseverance, and Will his mastery of very, very, very high airs. There’s also a few priceless random shot of the classic shenanigans that goes on on a typical IC Wake club students session … Plus some cameos of some 2012/13 newbies, and even credits for a rider which didn’t come to the session!
Because it was a bit dumb to go riding in such weather, we thought we had to make this a silly video. Next time, promised, we’ll try to do something a bit more respectable. Enjoy.

In this video, Jake does his first Nosepress tart

In this video, Jake does his first Nosepress tart

Note: I saw the typo on the caption for the image above, thought it was funny so I didn’t fix it :-p

Note: Those who are easily offended by butts may find this video a bit disturbing

WAKEimperial’s “BABY’S GOT WAKE”

INSIDE OUT (video)


Some of the riders features in this video

INSIDE OUT is a short video of a typical WAKEimperial session, on a weekday evening. We drive a minibus from the Imperial College Union – Beit Quad – to our local wakeboarding venue: JBSki. This video was shot in May 2012 with a good mix of old-time and newbie members. As you can see, we don’t just pull out big tricks all the time, we also spend a fair bit of time falling our boards, “progressing is falling” or so they say …

We had the idea of shooting the same trick from the bank of the lake and from a helmet cam, to combine it all. So you can be a spectator and the hero … all at the same time !

This video is dedicated to the old wake members for their dedication to this club, and for all the newbie wakeboarders which keep the club alive.
Shred on !



WAKEimperial decided to have its wakeboard – themed Halloween party on Wednesday, the 2nd of November 2011 session. So the Imperial College wake society riders had to bring a costume … or be shamed! There were some “repeats” of last year’s costumes, but also some new, original stuff.

However most of us discovered that costumes get quickly annoying during a wake session. Stuff falls off when you crash, soaks up water, and face masks kinda reduce peripheral vision… Anyway, check out the pics taken by Jan and Elena.


The Fresher’s 2011 BEACH PARTY photos are now online !


After "air guitar"... "air kneeboard"

Every Fresher has its own gallery : saves you having to browse through all pictures just to find yours.
But because we don’t know your name, we just sorted guys from girls and then gave an ID number to each one. So you just need to find out which number you’ve been given.

All pictures from the WAKEimperial’s 2001 fresher’s BEACH PARTY are in MEDIA > Photo Galleries > BoxEnd Freshers “BEACH PARTY” 12 Oct  2011

Not Happy ?

If you don’t want your pictures to be displayed on this gallery, please find out which is the ID number we’ve given you first. Then, send us a message and we’ll remove all pictures of you from the gallery.

Last year’s WAKEimperial members

Sorry, I didn’t have time to create a gallery for each one of you. But the photos are ordered by alphabetical name in one big gallery !