We hold a bunch of events throughout the year. In particular, watch out for:

  • Weekly trips

Our core activity: on most Wednesdays during uni term, we travel to local cables for afternoon sessions.
Check out our calendar for the next scheduled session

Wakeboarder on a Kicker at Imperial College Wakeboarding club

  • Competitions

We take part in most competions organised by UniWake and  jam sessions organised by cable parks. Anyone can attend: there are categories ranging from beginner to advanced level, or become part of our competition team !
See the post on our Winter Jam 2012 comp.

Wakeboarding club podium Imperial College
  • Student Nationals

We have taken part in the UNIWAKE student nationals since June 2012. Check out our video: WAKEImperial’s Wake Student Nationals 2012

  • Socials

We don’t ride as much during winter, but to make up for it we organise plenty of parties !
Check out our calendar for the next scheduled social event.

Wakeboarding Club Parties Imperial College
  • Tours

We organise tours throughout the year., from the weekend away to a U.K. cable (sheffield 2011) to the full-on entire week abroad (Summer 2011 SW France tour)

Wakeboarding club summer tour 2011 Imperial College