The Committee

The Imperial College Wakeboarding society was founded over ten years ago, in the academic year 2002-2003. This page lists the present and past committee members that we know of …

2012 – 2013 “The re-shuffle year”

President: Will Naughton-Rumbo

  • AKA: El Greco
  • Facts: He’s the brother of the original founder of the club
  • Studies: Crayons (it has a name at Imperial…Geology or something?)
  • Best trick: 360
  • Good points: Has continued riding at a time when his countrymen are suffering at the hands of austerity.
  • Bad points: Has a tendency to hit kickers when somebody has fallen on the other side, narrowly avoiding decapitating them
  • Likes: Massive Kickers
  • Dislikes: Austerity


We still don’t know why he’s doing this face

Secretary: Gary Willis

  • AKA:pending
  • Facts: Currently out of action with a recurring shoulder injury.
  • Studies: Physics (PhD)
  • Best trick:540… And that raley he landed back in 2012 that was witnessed by like…loads of people.
  • Good points: Epic guns
  • Bad points: Tragic puns
  • Likes: Unfortunately…tragic puns and trying to beat the record number of cable laps ridden in one go
  • Dislikes: Not being in control of the bus stereo system

Whenever he gives you stick, use this against him

Whenever he gives you stick, use this against him

Treasurer: Rodolphe Bouygues

  • AKA: Reindeer jokes are not welcome.
  • Facts: This ones a mysterious one
  • Studies: EEE
  • Best trick: Tantrum
  • Good points: Probably got the smallest ego in the entire club
  • Bad Points: Is French
  • Likes: Handling money (lucky that) + styling his hair
  • Dislikes: Bad hair days

That's the worst photo we could find ...

That’s the worst photo we could find …

Social Secretary: Rob Harrison

  • AKA: Salad Bob
  • Facts: You think those are meatballs he’s eating? Think again.
  • Studies: Materials (PhD)
  • Best trick: 360
  • Good points: He’s a Northerner (which may provide comfort for freshers who feel they’ve stepped a little far out of the comfort zone by moving to fairy land)
  • Bad Points: He’s a hall senior (and thus basically a massive creep)
  • Likes: Cheap lager, cheap women and guns… Basically lads weekends in Eastern Europe.
  • Dislikes: Ale, Whiskey, Latin, BBC 4… anything which could be described as cultured.

Rob and his favourite toy

Rob and his favourite toy


  • President: Jake Gillespie
  • Secretary: Danielle Barnes
  • Treasurer: Antoine Desmet
  • Social Secretary: Gary Willis


  • President: Danielle Barnes
  • Secretary: Jake Gillespie
  • Treasurer: Antoine Desmet
  • Social Secretary: Tom Jones


  • President: Jan Jachnik
  • Secretary: Kwasi Afrifa
  • Treasurer: Tim Thio
  • Social Secretary: Gary Willis


  • President: Jonathan Watkins
  • Secretary: Jan Jachnik
  • Treasurer: John
  • Social Secretary: Will Parry-Jones




  • President: Jenny Isherwood
  • Secretary: Sam Murphy
  • Treasurer: Jen Grunwell
  • Social Secretary: Katy
  • Media: Louise


  • President: Katrina Riggall
  • Secretary: Jen 
  • Treasurer: Geoff Smith
  • Web: Jason Green


  • President: Lizzie Lutley
  • Secretary: Robin Naughton-Rumbo
  • Treasurer: Geoff Smith
  • Social Secretary: Chris Beng
  • Web: Jason Green


  • President: Robin Naughton-Rumbo
  • Secretary: Al McKendrick
  • Treasurer: Lizzie Lutley
  • Social Secretary: Chris Beng
  • Web: Jason Green